Microsoft is Brining Internet Explorer to the XBOX 360 with Kinect commands

The one thing which lacked in an XBOX 360 was proper browser support, where the PS3 had its own web browser (even though it is dreadful) Microsoft has finally decided to integrate Internet Explorer into the XBOX 360 but if you thought you would just get a browser than you couldn't have been more mistaken. Microsoft is also planning on making Kinect commands with Internet Explorer, so now you can surf the internet hands free courtesy of Microsoft.

Now the XBOX 360 is a complete package, with the integration of Internet Explorer 9 complete with Kinect Commands you may never leave your XBOX ever again. While the release date is still in the wind what is confirmed is the browser will work with Kinect hand gestures and voice commands so you can almost say good bye to holding a controller / key board and mouse in your hands if the browser is as powerful as the PC version is and if it is integrated with Kinect properly.

With E3 drawing closer this is only another addition to Microsoft's show case at the convention along with many other upcoming titles for the XBOX 360 but I am sure that fans of the XBOX 360 who have waited for a proper web browser for the XBOX 360 are going to be more than glad to finally have something to look forward to in the near future.

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