ICYMI: Microsoft Is Planning a Big Overhaul for Windows Camera with Redstone 4 Release

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Microsoft is set to introduce a number of new features and improvements to its Windows Camera with the release of Windows 10 Redstone 4 in Spring. In the last Windows 10 Insider Preview Build, the company showed off some of these new features. Microsoft also released a detailed changelog about what exactly to expect from this "major revamp" coming to Windows Camera with the first edition of 2018 Windows 10.

"You will get a more personalized behavior, like remembering the last camera and scene used," the company wrote. "Handling two cameras simultaneously and more resolution options are available too." Microsoft added that it has "made some core architecture changes to the product to remove a lot of complex handling for unsupported devices and functionality that is now duplicated in core Windows operating system functionality." Since these changes could introduce problems, the company is currently testing them through its Windows Insider community before they are publicly released.

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Microsoft promises 7 changes coming to Windows Camera app

While there are a number of features coming our way that many users will like, two are getting removed, as well.

  • Swipe left on the capture button to show all sliders is not anymore possible
  • Wheeling on the capture button between scenes (photo, video) is not anymore possible

Some of the UX changes that the users will notice, include:

  1. Users can now use all their attached cameras in parallel (if the OS allows) on different app windows. Example: I am recording video on my right camera and I can attach a photo to my email on my left camera
  2. The last used camera is always remembered and the next time the app opens we try to load that camera first
  3. The last used scene is always remembered (video, photo) and that is the one we load first the next time the app is launched
  4. Users can select now more photo resolutions (before there was only max resolution per ratio) and more video ratios (before there was only 16:9)
  5. The brightness slider (which is widely available on all USB cameras) is more smooth (more stops) and shows the actual selected brightness value to the user

With the underlying core changes, Microsoft said it will become easier for the team to innovate and fix bugs, something that was difficult with the previous versions of the Camera application. If you are a Windows Insider and testing Build 17074, you can try out these features and improvements.

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