Everything Microsoft Announced at Today’s Windows 10 and Surface Event

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Microsoft took the tech industry by a storm today with its Surface Studio. While the Apple side of the spectrum is a little dull on expectations for a new desktop, Microsoft did all it could to reintroduce the way we think about all-in-one PCs. But, that is not all that happened at today's Microsoft Surface Event 2016.

Microsoft's Surface Event 2016

Microsoft focused on bringing 3D and mixed reality to everyone. The company talked about new upgrades to Windows 10, launched the most powerful (and the most pricey) Surface Book, a super powerful (and a product that's already winning the hearts) Surface Studio, in-game broadcasting, and introduced a faster way to connect and share with people who matter most.

Here's everything that the company announced in New York City earlier today.

Windows 10 Creators Update

The next major upgrade to Windows 10 is coming in early 2017. Dubbed as Windows 10 Creators Update, the upgrade will be a free offer to all Windows 10 users. The new Windows 10 update focuses on 3D and mixed reality to enable people to create, share and experience new realities. It also offers easier broadcasting experiences to gamers, among other features.

For more features, 3D, Gaming & People: The Biggest Features Coming with Windows 10 Creators Update

Surface Studio

Microsoft describes its Surface Studio as "a new class of device that transforms from a workstation into a powerful digital canvas, unlocking a more natural and immersive way to create on the thinnest display ever built." 4.5K ultra HD display, the new Surface Studio delivers 63 percent more pixels than a 4K TV.

Surface Studio starts from $2,999 and pre-orders have started today.


For more details, visit: The Surface Studio: Takes on the Apple iMac with an Ultra Thin Design and Killer Performance 

Surface Book - the most powerful yet

The company also launched three new Surface Book models, featuring 6th generation Intel Core i7 processors and bringing 16 hours of battery life. The price starts at $2,399. Okay, a little too pricey?

For more, Surface Book i7 Brings More Graphics and Processing Firepower in a Compact Form Factor

Surface Dial

Okay, this one is a little weird, so we will let Microsoft explain this... knob. "Surface Dial is a new peripheral designed for the creative process. It integrates with Windows 10 to work with any Surface device for a faster and more intuitive way to scroll, zoom and navigate. The Dial also enables a set of unique experiences exclusive to Surface Studio."

Mixed reality for everyone with cheaper VR headsets

Microsoft says the Windows 10 Creators Update "will be the most powerful and affordable way to experience mixed reality." HP, Lenovo, ASUS, Dell, and Acer will ship the VR headsets capable of mixed reality through the Creators Update. These accessories will contain built-in sensors to enable inside-out six degrees of freedom for easy setup. The VR headsets will be sold for $299.

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Every gamer will be an in-game broadcaster

Microsoft is making it easy for anyone to become a game broadcaster or watch live gameplay with Beam technology. The company is building Beam into Windows 10 and Xbox One, along with custom, gamer-created tournaments to Arena on Xbox Live.

More details here: Tournaments with Arena and Broadcasting with Beam into Windows 10 & Xbox

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