More Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 Images Leaked; Larger Tablet Coming Soon With One Terrible Feature


Previously, we were able to put out some leaked images of Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 and from the looks of it, the slate looks to succeed the original Mi Pad in both size, functionality and hardware specifications. However, according to the interface that we caught a glimpse of, Mi Pad 2 might not come running with Windows 10 ‘out of the box’. Instead, the images that you will see show that the large screen tablet could be running Android Marshmallow, depending on when it gets released.

Screen size Of Mi Pad 2 Could Be 10.1 inches; Windows 10 Still Not Confirmed By The Company

According to the images leak that originated from China, Mi Pad 2 is running Google’s Android platform. According to what we had reported earlier, Microsoft was testing out fully functional mobile builds on smartphones bearing the Xiaomi logo, suggesting that the Chinese smartphone firm would be open to the idea of selling mobile devices running both Android and Windows 10.

Windows 10 running on a large, yet affordable tablet will definitely be a great selling point since it will provide consumers with the ideal laptop substitute. Just take a look at Taipan X98 Pro, the $220 9.7 inch tablet powerhouse that is not only affordable, but runs Windows 10 as well. If Xiaomi is able to follow in the same footsteps as this product, then the company could open up a whole different market all to itself.

Seeing as how Xiaomi relies on its low cost business model, selling Mi Pad 2 running Windows 10 will be a definite winner in our eyes since it be affordable, fast and portable. The company’s current generation flagship tablet has a screen size of 7.9 inches and is incorporated with NVIDIA Tegra K1, so we might get to see a 10.1 inch screen and a resolution of 1440p from Mi Pad 2. While there have been no details provided concerning the hardware specifications, it is possible that Xiaomi will be looking to assimilate Intel’s SoC to its upcoming product.

While these are all the details that we came across, you guys should stay tuned for more because Xiaomi definitely has a lot surprises waiting for us.