Mechwarrior Online Lucky Charms Event

Mechwarrior Online will be honoring St. Patrick's Day, better known as drunken leprechaun day, by having a gift earning event they're calling the Lucky Charms event. Piranha Games wants to give you a chance to get lucky this week, starting today and ending the 24th at 10:00 PDT.

Mechwarrior Online is going to give away in-game gifts this week in their Lucky Charms Event.

Now this doesn't help you get lucky in any way, shape or form with the ladies or men, but you can get lucky and win up to 25 different gifts that you can earn per game mode. And there are 5 game mode available so that's 75 gifts in total that are up for grabs. What are those in game prizes you ask? Well, they're in game currency, in-game consumable items and even some very festive Irish and St. Patrick's Day themed cockpit baubles. The handy list provided by Piranha games is below.

Potential Prizes are:

  • 1 day Premium Time
  • 1 'Mech Bay
  • MC (various values)
  • C-bills (various values)
  • GXP (various values)
  • MC Consumables (Cool Shot, Artillery, UAV, and Air Strike)
  • Cockpit Items (Standing MWO Beer Stein, Hanging 4 Leaf Clover, Mounted Green Lights, Standing Lumin Glass)
  • and 'Unlucky' Items, such as IS weaponry and Single Heat Sinks

But, and there is always a but, you have to earn a certain number of match points in order to be added to the prize pool and have a chance at winning anything. Follow the formula they provided below and you'll be set!


  • Get a Match score of at least 80 for Invasion or Counter-Attack to earn 1 point.
  • Get a Match score of at least 30 for Skirmish, Assault, or Conquest modes to earn 1 point.
  • 1 point equals 1 reach into the Lucky Charms random loot-bag.
  • Don't forget to return to this page to check on your qualified matches and claim your prizes!
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