New Max Payne 3 shots shown by Rockstar

So I was just checking my twitter when I saw the most curious tweet from Rockstar saying "He's Coming!" followed by links to 2 twitpics

Here are the pictures in full size:

As you can see Max has changed ... A LOT. This Max is SO different from the Max Payne 1 / 2 Max we have all grown to love. After Half-Life 2 Episode 3 this is another game I have under my radar, While R* failed to mention a fixed release date one can only assume that the game will be LATE Q4 2011 or Q1 / Q2 2012. But I can't say I have much enthusiasm for the game now seeing how Max payne looks like ... crap?

The main question on my mind is will we see the return of Mona Sax? That's the main question I have in my mind right now.

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