Max Payne 3 Has A Lot of New Features In Targeting And Weapons

Rizwan Anwer

While Max Payne 3 recently got pushed to May 2012 from its intended March 2012 release date we should also be happy that Rockstar released a video detailing the massive changes they have done in terms of Targeting and weapons in the game, Max is now more versatile, lethal and even more armed and dangerous than ever before. You can now hold two different weapons or dual wield two similar weapons, but aside from that Max is now able to take cover more effectively and bullet time has gotten better than ever.

If you are a fan of the Max Payne series like me you will know that Max Payne 2 was a great game with an awesome combat system but that combat system has been given a huge overhaul and made better than it was before. Some of the new features are

  • Ability to dual wield two different weapons (shotgun and pistol in each hand for example).
  • Native cover taking.
  • Destructible Environments are even better.
  • Your weapon choices can affect movement and maneuverability in game and during fire fights.

I love these changes and hope that the game is as good as I believe it to be, I hope this doesn't turn out to be another Duke Nukem in the making but considering the game has been through one delay after the other since its appearance in 2009 (During this time span Rockstar was able to release L.A Noire on ALL platforms and Red Dead Redemption on the PS3 and the 360 with a vast number of DLC) I would say that the waiting will make this game worth it but I still worry for the game as I see the bald Hawaii shirt protagonist and say to my self "I hope he puts on his old Max Payne 1 and 2 outfit for the most part of the story".

The release date for Max Payne 3 can't come any sooner but March is still going to be an amazing month for video games and May will give us plenty of time to clear our minds of other games and to focus more on completing a game which has been long awaited by die hard fans of the series.


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