Turn Your Matte Black iPhone 7 Into the Highly Coveted Jet Black Model – Here’s How


While this isn’t something new, Apple introducing a new color actually ended up selling more than the remaining color variants, even Rose Gold. The popularity of Matte Black and Jet Black have spiked to such an extent that Apple was supposed to push back the shipping dates of these two color models. Now, it turns out that someone has managed to shift the Matte Black color of the iPhone 7 to Jet Black in the latest video, but we honestly recommend you not to try this at home until you’re as dexterous as the person carrying out the task.

See How a Matte Black iPhone 7 Gets Transformed Into the Jet Black Color Variant

As stated earlier, the popularity of the Jet Black color model has forced shipping dates to be extended further, which naturally infuriated consumers. This video that an individual attempts to place an order for the Jet Black model, but with the shipping estimates ranging between 3-5 weeks, that’s a lot of time for the device to reach your doorstep. Not wanting to waste any more time, the individual placing the order decides to settle for a Matte Black iPhone 7, but immediately afterwards, he decides to hire the services of a man called ‘Mr. X’.

Mr. X accepts the offer and using his skills, he is able to transform the Matte Black into Jet Black as you will see in the video placed below. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t try this at home, since you might end up causing irreparable changes to your iPhone, and that is something that I feel is not going to be covered under the warranty program. If you believe that you can muster up the patience, then 3-5 weeks of shipping time does not seem like a whole lot.

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