Master of Orion ‘First Look’ Video Glimpses Life in the Orion Quadrant With Interesting Droid Newscasters

Jeff Williams

Wargaming has just released another teaser video that gives us a small glimpse into what life in the Orion Quadrant will look like The video below is a sort of newscast that highlights a lot of the different gameplay elements and the unique 4X atmosphere they'll bring to it.

Master of Orion, as narrated by robots.

The modulation of their voices is actually a cool effect that only adds to the immersion. But if it isn't to your tastes, we'll let you know what's coming in Master of Orion. The video itself though shows us the different races, goes over the planetary management method and shows the basics of the 4X genre.

What sets it apart, however, are the little things. The animations are fluid and well done and there are small touches that make it very visually interesting. The 4X genre definitely doesn't appeal to everyone, though. The small touches, easy to use GUI and a better overall feel could help to draw in more interest. There will be easy automatic ways for managing resources, but for the power-player you'll be able to delve into everything fairly deeply. This is also something that might widen the appeal.

The 4X game is on the way back into our hearts and there are more and more games coming out with refinements to what used to be a very 'exclusive' genre that was seen as being closed off to casual gamers. Even Brad Wardell agrees that the 4X is making a tacit comeback like never before.



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