New Mass Effect Legendary Edition PC Mod Restores In-Game Console Commands

Aernout van de Velde
Mass Effect Legendary Edition PC Mod in-game console

A new Mass Effect Legendary Edition PC mod has been released which restores in-game console commands.

Fans of the original series on PC will most likely recall using in-game console commands in order to unlock weaponry, skills, armor, experience, and whatnot. Various mods have already been released for EA’s Mass Effect remaster, but in-game console commands no longer work due to the game’s files having been changed.

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Luckily, modder ‘ME3Tweaks’ has now released a new mod that once again allows users to use the in-game console for each of the Mass Effect titles included with the Legendary Edition.

“This mod edits a game file to patch out the checks used for preventing the in-game console from working”, the creator of the mod writes on Nexusmods. “This differs from the .dll version by d00telemental because it modifies the functions on disk, rather than patching them in memory which may not occur in time due to the DRM. This makes it 100% reliable, however, it may be incompatible with newer game builds.”

Installation of the mod is pretty simple but be sure to follow the instructions as provided nonetheless. Those interested can download the mod from here.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition PC In-Game Console Mod Installation Instructions

  • Extract the 7z file to a folder, such as your desktop.
  • Find the Engine.pcc for your specific game in this folder. LE1/2/3 stand for each legendary edition of ME games, 1 2 3.
  • Copy this file to your Legendary Edition game: <GameDir>/Game/<ME1/2/3 (same as LE, just named as ME)>/BioGame/CookedPCConsole
  • I suggest backing up the original somewhere outside of the game directory in case it blows up. If the game blows up, repair it with Origin or Steam

Once installed, press ‘Tab’ to open the mini console. Individual console commands for the Mass Effect games can be found on the Mass Effect Wiki right here.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is available now globally across PC and consoles. In case you're into modding, you should also check out the FOV Mod and tweaked .ini file.

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