Mass Effect Legendary Edition Face Mod Overhauls Asari and Human Faces Across the Entire Trilogy

Aernout van de Velde
Mass Effect Legendary Edition face mod 8

Mass Effect fans unite – this Mass Effect Legendary Edition face mod overhauls all Asari and human faces.

Created by modder ‘CawCrowche’, the new Primitives facial appearance mod aims to overhaul all human and Asari faces within the remastered collection. It packs high-quality textures based on Ellise's original trilogy complexions. For those who don’t know who Elisse is – he/she is the creator of numerous complexion and face mods for Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

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“My hope is that this mod might be able to bring a new sense of replayability and life when you play these fantastic games.”, the modder writes. “However, the appearance of characters can be very subjective and these textures were made using my basic abilities and with my personal aesthetics in mind. That being said... I hope that if you give this mod a try, and if it does add to your experience playing these games again!”

The main features of this mod have been included below:

This mod aims to retexture nearly all aspects relating to facial appearance so it includes hundreds of textures across the trilogy.

These specific textures include:

 - Unique complexions for characters like default Shepard, squadmates, and other NPCS that have individual appearances

- Generic complexions that cover custom Shepards and non-unique npcs throughout the series

- Eyes and eyelashes including both generic and unique ones for individual characters

- Eyebrows, Facial hair, makeup, and freckles for every human character

- Other textures like tattoos, specularity multipliers, and eye cubemaps

Almost all of these textures are remade with higher resolution than vanilla to enhance detail.

Down below we’ve also included some screenshots of this mod in action:


Mass Effect fans interested in trying out this mod can download it via Nexusmods here. As always, be sure to follow the installation instructions before using this mod.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is available globally now for PC and consoles. As expected, this overhaul mod is only available for the PC version of the trilogy.

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