Mass Effect Andromeda’s Action “As Good As Gears of War” with Excellent Skill System Depth – Report


Electronic Arts and Bioware organized a few press events to promote the upcoming release of Mass Effect Andromeda. YouTuber Skill Up was invited among many others and he was kind enough to post an AMA on Mass Effect's main Reddit, answering many questions after he played about three hours of the game.

According to him, Mass Effect Andromeda's action combat has been improved to rival the likes of Gears of War. He even said that it's some of the most satisfying third person weapon handling he played, even considering The Division.

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The game is very much an action game now- it feels more like Gear of War than Mass Effect.

Honestly, fantastic. The main game I cover on my channel is The Division, but handles 3rd person gunplay extremely well (and other things not so well) and I would definitely class ME:A weapon handling as some of the best and most satisfying 3rd person weapon handling I've played. Guns feel very satisfying to use and require skill as you master their recoil and reticle bloom.

That's partly because the movement system received improvements, too.

Significantly improved. Movement is snappy, the jetpack and biotic dashes give you great mobility and the cover system LARGELY works (it can be a bit funky at times).

The jetpack is a real game changer- the minute you begin using it you sort of wish it was there in the OT. It improves level design, makes exploration more interesting and significantly improves combat. You jump into the air and hold aim-down-sights to hover momentarily- very good.

Still, he didn't feel as if Mass Effect Andromeda had been stripped of its RPG mechanics. In fact, he called the skill system excellent for depth and complexity.

The sheer number of build options available is hugely impressive. I don't think the game has been 'dumbed down' in the context of its RPG systems. The skills themselves also feel far more developed, you feel much more powerful opting to take the role of a biotic or engineer than you did in the previous games. You really don't need to rely on your gun as much as you used to if that's your playstyle preference.

Regardless of whether you like the more 'action focus', I think everyone will agree that the plethora and functionality of skills is awesome. It's literally a case of I want to use ALL the skills in my builds, because so many of them are just that good. In this way, I'm relieved that they allowed us to switch builds on the fly.

Mass Effect Andromeda is set to launch for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on March 21st in North America and March 23rd in Europe. Check out the latest official video below, showcasing some of the weapons you'll find in the game.