Marvel’s Avengers Roadmap Detailed, Next-Gen Launch Delayed to 2021

Marvel's Avengers

Crystal Dynamics Studio Head Scot Amos has crafted a lengthy blog post to share news of the content roadmap coming to Marvel's Avengers in the near future.

First of all, Amos acknowledged that the game's launch wasn't as smooth as the studio had hoped (even though a lot of players picked up Marvel's Avengers), and announced that players will receive the following thank-you bundle as a token of appreciation for going through these growing pains.

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  • Credits: 1500 – Enough for a Legendary Skin and Nameplate from the Marketplace
  • Units: 7000
  • Upgrade Modules: 250
  • DNA Keys: 20
  • A Sarah Garza-Inspired Nameplate (Because seriously, you’re the best.)

Moving onto the first big content addition to Marvel's Avengers, Amos presented the Omega-Level Threats, of which the AIM Cloning Lab will be the first, debuting in the 'next few weeks'.

In the next few weeks we will introduce a new mission classification to Marvel’s Avengers – Omega-Level Threats. Missions under the Omega-Level Threat umbrella are multiplayer-focused challenges that are tuned for high-end players and offer special late-game rewards. Skill and coordination with your team will be key to overcoming these missions, including the Avengers-worthy fight at the finale.

Omega-Level Threats are a first step towards even more exciting and challenging late-game content. Many in our community have asked if Omega-Level Threat missions are Marvel's Avengers’ equivalent to raids. Though focused on multiplayer and designed to be extremely challenging, Omega-Level Threats represent our first step in escalating the challenge your Super Heroes face.  As the Avengers Initiative narrative continues to unfold, the stakes will get higher and the challenges harder.

The first Omega-Level Threat is the AIM Cloning Lab, which requires advanced tactics and the full cooperation of a seasoned four-player team to beat the high power level challenge. The lab culminates in a massive fight that is influenced by how you performed in the penultimate objective. How? We’re not going to spoil the surprise for you! The AIM Cloning Lab must be completed between 10:00 AM PDT Friday and 10:00 AM PDT Monday. While it can be replayed, like other late-game content it has better rewards for the first completion.

Kate Bishop's new Operation has been delayed to the next month, but it's still coming and will be focused on the Tachyon Rifts who've become harbingers of a new threat. Then it'll be time to add Clint Barton (Hawkeye), while at some point next year the developers are planning to introduce a new hero, region and narrative arc in what will be the biggest addition to Marvel's Avengers to date.

The folks at Crystal Dynamics are also working on a number of fixes and improvements to existing issues, such as slow matchmaking, PC crashes, and will introduce the following Quality-of-Life improvements to Marvel's Avengers within the next updates:

  • Avengers Initiative Ping System
  • Reassemble Campaign Replay
  • High Contrast Mode:
  • Hero Icon Visibility
  • Mission Reward Clarity
  • Offscreen & Ranged Enemy Attack Indicators

There's some bad news, too, if you were looking to get the game on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X, as the official next-gen launch has been delayed to 2021. Nonetheless, Marvel's Avengers will be playable on both systems through backward compatibility while still enjoying some level of improvements over current-gen consoles, such as better frame rate and shorter load times.

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