Marvel’s Avengers Lets You Use AI Companions in Warzone Missions; Flying Works Indoors

Alessio Palumbo
Marvel's Avengers

Marvel's Avengers got a huge showcase last week with a focus on Warzone Missions, which are the game's cooperative missions.

Following the live stream, there was a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) session with Philippe Therien, Warzone Director on Marvel's Avengers. To begin with, the developer announced that it'll be possible to use AI companions in Warzone Missions.

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Don't be daunted by the online aspects of the Warzones, you can play them solo with AI if you want as well as matchmake into multiplayer.

Some Warzones have a set difficulty, some scale to your power but in almost all cases you can choose to make it harder or easier. What exactly you get on harder difficulty is something we are still actively tuning.

We do have a ping system for Warzones. You can tag enemies, loot, or places with it.

The size of the Warzones varies, but they all have exploration spaces.

Therien also opened up on lots of other tidbits of information about Marvel's Avengers. For instance, he revealed how flying will work, briefly discussed endgame, the exploration component of Marvel's Avengers in these Warzone Missions, and what can be destroyed during the fights.


You can fly everywhere including indoors and underground, though the ceilings can be a bit lower inside. You won't be forced to walk anywhere except for things like transitions between areas.

I forget exactly what we set the ceiling to but it's pretty high, in cities unless it’s a giant skyscraper you can typically fly at building heights. Hulk can bounce super high and far! He can also build momentum when you keep jumping with him.


I can tell you that Vince (Napoli) and I are absolutely passionate about endgame content. We will have Hives which are gauntlets that challenge your entire roster of heroes, bosses and villains will make appearances...we also have two other endgame pieces of content that i'm not allowed to talk about just yet but I can't wait to show you!

We want to show you guys a road map for this, it's going to be a mix of new stories, events and endgame challenges. Stay tuned!


It's hard to give exact numbers but typically when you enter a Warzone your first objective could be 300-400 meters away and there are multiple objectives to a Warzone plus some optional spaces to explore. In a city, this would mean that you get several city blocks worth in a single mission.

In between objectives, you are absolutely free to roam as you please and look for points of interest around the level. These can be allies to rescue, bounty enemies to defeat for loot, Hidden caches, secret AIM stockpiles of resources or you could raid AIM's depots where they store gear! Typically those rewards are defended but you can roam around the environment without constantly fighting if you want to just admire the scenery or have fun doing traversal.

Players can absolutely split up as they wish but keep in mind that if you go off alone, you could get overwhelmed by enemies!


There are a good amount of things that will blow up and at a minimum you will see damage to structures when they are being damaged. We packed as much destruction as we could but we didn't want to go around destroying cities, it's not practical and it's not very polite too.

Cars and such can blow up, so you can throw enemies into them or smash them to cause small explosions. It's good fun!

Marvel's Avengers is out on September 4th for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia. The game will also be enhanced for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X once those arrive later this year.

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