Marvel’s Avengers Day-One Update Detailed Alongside Current and Future Accessibility Options

Developer Crystal Dynamics has detailed the Marvel’s Avengers Day-One update alongside current and future accessibility options that will be available in the game.

The highly-anticipated Avengers game is releasing next week on September 4, and those getting a physical copy of the title will be presented with a 18GB day-one patch. Digital buyers will be receiving this update through the game’s initial download.

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So what will this day-one patch include? While official release notes haven’t been shared yet, Crystal Dynamics did provide some additional information about the update. “The Day One Patch includes several updates and refinements that are required for play”, the developer writes. “Additionally, the patch includes localization files for the game’s dialogue, which are quite extensive, as we are localizing Marvel’s Avengers in 15 different languages.”

The team adds, “the Day One Patch is also important as it includes lots of fixes, feedback, updates, and tuning from our Beta weekends.”

Aside from the game’s first update, current and future options for accessibility were also detailed, including subtitles, closed captions, gameplay customization options, camera options, HUD settings and in-game settings to make the game more accessible.

We suggest checking out Crystal Dynamics’ official post on these options right here. We’ve included the gameplay customization options that will be available upon launch down below:

  • Vibration: On/Off
  • Multi-Tap Interact Style: Default/Hold/Tap – This feature allows the adjustment of input requirements for interactions that require rapid button presses to complete, such as QTEs. Setting this option to HOLD changes the requirement to holding down the button. Setting this option to TAP will auto-complete the interaction with only a single button press.
  • Difficulty Options
  • Easy: This mode is mainly focused on the story by reducing combat barriers and it includes:
  • Decreased enemy attack and defensive strength
  • More enemy attacks are easily countered
  • No enemy attacks are unable to be countered
  • Normal: For those who like a balanced combat experience.
  • Hard (+5 Power): For those unafraid to take on a greater challenge:
  • Increased enemy attack and defensive strength
  • More enemy attacks are difficult to counter
  • More enemy attacks are unable to be countered
  • Brutal (+10 Power): For those looking to prove their worth by facing a considerable challenge
  • Significantly increased enemy attack and defensive strength
  • More enemy attacks are difficult to counter
  • More enemy attacks are unable to be countered

Marvel’s Avengers launches globally on September 4 for PC, PS4, Xbox One Stadia. Early-access will be available on September 1st for those who pre-ordered for early-access eligible digital editions.

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