Mark Hamill Makes a Sneaky Appearance in Star Citizen Squadron 42 Trailer


Mark Hamill's character has finally been revealed after much speculation as to how he'd be incorporated into Chris Robert's project. The dramatic and heart warming trailer for Squadron 42, the single player campaign for Star Citizen, shows us just how influential his character is.

Lt. Commander Steve "Old Man" Colton motivates a hanger of pilots in the latest Star Citizen trailer.

Mark Hamill is back in a very familiar role, taking on the persona of an experienced pilot in another of Chris Roberts' space sims. He was the lead actor in Wing Commander for many years, and will be reprising that iconic role in Star Citizen's Squadron 42. The latest trailer is but a small glimpse into his role as a lead pilot, Lt. Cmdr Steve "Old Man" Colton, as he mounts his Aegis Dynamics Gladius fighter.

It's quite the scene, and though short, is a glimpse into some of the harrowing action you'll be able to take part of in the Star Citizen single player campaign. And of course the music set in the background is the phenomenal work of Pedro Camacho.