Mario Tennis Aces Demo Datamined, Full Character, Boss, and Court Lists Revealed


Warning: The following post may contain Mario Tennis Aces spoilers.

Last week Nintendo announced they’ll be holding a Mario Tennis Aces Pre-Launch Online Tournament (essentially a demo/beta test) and, in fact, you can download it via the Switch eShop right now. The tournament isn’t actually playable, as Nintendo hasn’t flipped on the servers yet, but some enterprising fans have already begun digging around in the demo’s code, and have uncovered some interesting tidbits.

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Twitter user/dataminer Demonslayerx8 managed to unearth Mario Tennis Aces’ full character lineup, which includes Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Peach, Daisy, Yoshi, DK, Bowser, Bowser Jr., Dry Bowser, Boo, Rosalina, Toadette, Toad, Diddy, Koopa Troopa, Paratroopa, Shy Guy, Kamek, Birdo, Spike, Dry Bones, Boom Boom, Chain Chomp, and Blooper. 26 characters! Not bad! I’m glad to see good ol’ Boom Boom has joined the Mario Sports roster, and hey, who hasn’t dreamed of playing tennis as a blooper?

Meanwhile, Blazingflare dug up a list of bosses you’ll encounter in Story Mode, including Petey Piranha, Gooper Blooper, Ice Golem, Ester Koopa, Mirage, Statue Koopa, and something or somebody going by “Inishienoudedameshi.” Blazingflare also uncovered the game’s court themes, including stadium, haunted, battleship, Bowser’s Castle, snow, sand, and forest. Specific names for the courts have not been revealed yet.

Of course, stuff found via datamining doesn’t always make it into the final game, so don’t consider any of this information confirmed. That said, if most of this stuff ends up being legit, it looks like Mario Tennis Aces will pack in a healthy amount of content. Are you excited to hit the hardcourt with Mario and pals? Which character are you planning to play as first?

Mario Tennis Aces smashes onto Nintendo Switch on June 22. The pre-launch tournament kicks off on June 1 at 7am PT and wraps up on June 3 at 4pm PT.