Mario Kart 8 200cc is Fast!


We all knew that adding an additional 50cc's to the cute engines in Mario Kart would add a little pep, but we didn't know precisely how fast these 200cc monsters were going to be, until now. Nintendo has released a few videos showing the difference between 150cc and 200cc racing.

Nintendo has posted a few videos comparing the performance in Mario Kart of the different sized engines.

The difference doesn't seem to be there at all in the beginning. It's almost as if the 200cc kart was able to get off the line a fraction of a second faster. But as the race moves on it becomes clear just what the impact is of the increase in engine size. By the end there is almost 5 seconds between the two.

Because of the extra power on tap, this will necessitate new ways of getting around the tracks as quickly as possible. So the strategies that you used with the bikes and karts of yore will no longer work. They steer differently at speed, obviously, and you'll need to be cognizant of that change.

The above illustrates that point perfectly. This was always a track I struggled with in Mario Kart anyway, but you'll need to find the best way to keep your kart moving in a straight line as well as drift where appropriate.

Here's the last video posted by Nintendo UK showing off the new karts in Mario Kart. Again, it compares the 150cc with the 200cc. And you know what? That 200cc is fast, and if used right, you'll be seeing some nice records being made on tracks. Mario Kart 8's 200cc mode will arrive on April 23rd for free.