Man Presents a PowerPoint Presentation to Airline Asking For His Lost Bags He Tracked Using AirTags

Ali Salman
Lost Bags Found with Apple AirTags and PowerPoint Presentation

Apple launched its item-tracking accessory last year and we have heard multiple stories of how the AirTags helps users with their lost items. Well, a new story has appeared online where a man created a proper PowerPoint presentation to ask the airline to find his lost bags which he located using his AirTags. Apple's item-tracking accessory works pretty well and to be fair, it is becoming a necessary tool to track your luggage while traveling. Scroll down to read more details on the subject.

Apple's AirTags Find Precise Location of a Man's Lost Bags, He Created a PowerProint Presentation to Ask the Airline

A man named Elliot Sharod and his wife were returning to the UK on April 17 from South Africa. They bought their tickets from stopovers in Abu Dhabi and Frankfurt. However, due to the ongoing health crisis, they had to reschedule the flight with a different route. When they returned to the UK, their luggage was lost. Fortunately, Sharod had placed AirTags inside the bags to track their location on the map throughout their travel.

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Lost Bags Found with Apple AirTags and PowerPoint Presentation

After discovering that the bags did not arrive at their host location, Sharod used the Find My app to discover that their bag went to Frankfurt but never made it to London. The couple was traveling on Aer Lingus and the airline stated that the lost bags would be delivered to Sharod's home address. However, only two out of three bags made it to Sharod's place.

Sharod complained multiple times on calls and emails but no solution was provided. Sharod also complained on Twitter but the issue persisted. However, he then adopted a different approach and created a proper PowerPoint presentation with screenshots from the Find My app. The screenshots showed the exact location of his lost bag using Apple's AirTags.

The man told CNN that the bag was located in two different locations in Pimlico and that it has not been moved since April 21. He then contacted the police marking the bag as stolen. While the bag did not reach Sharod, the AirTags did assist in locating its precise location. We do hope Sharod gets his belongings back soon. Apple's AirTags are a great way to find your personal belongings as well as lost bags.

This is all there is to it, folks. What are your thoughts on the AirTags' ability to locate and find the precise location of the lost bag? Share your views with us in the comments section below.

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