Make Cleaning Easy: Xiaomi’s Smart Vacuum Cleaners on Sale ($360 to $570)

roborock robot vacuum cleaner deal discount

Smart products aren't always fun or even useful, but "robot" vacuum cleaners are a pleasant exception since they take you out of the mundane task of cleaning without being a product that you get hooked on to and end up wasting more time. By having something that can clean up for you in your absence, at scheduled times, while requiring little to no monitoring, robot vacuum cleaners are essentially removing you from this daily routine (beach people would understand why this has to be, unfortunately, a daily thing).

Xiaomi's Roborock made robot vacuum cleaners way more affordable and reliable. The lineup carries a premium look that sets it apart from the usual plasticky looks and is also extremely easy to use, partially thanks to Tesla's mapping technologies. Perhaps, one of the very very few "tech" products that require nearly zero learning curve.

Here are the discount coupons valid for some of the best robot vacuum cleaners available in the market right now:

This robot vacuum cleaner lineup from Xiaomi uses the Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) algorithm to calculate the most efficient route for cleaning. As for remote cleaning, you can use the Mi Home app to control the robot, change cleaning modes or set schedules. While we have only tested the second-gen smart vacuum cleaner (review here), the company boasts that the latest edition - the S6 - is 20% more efficient than the previous model. S6 also features ecofriendly, disposable mopping microfiber cloth (10 of them come with the vacuum cleaner), which wasn't featured with the S50 or S55.

For comparison, you can read the complete specs list of S50 here and of S6 over at this link.

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