These Labor Day Deals on the Most Powerful Robot Vacuums Will Help You Keep Your Home Spotless for Less

Abdullah Saad
roborock labour day 2021

What's that one smart product that is guaranteed to make everyone happy in this almost post-pandemic world? Phones are okay, they help, sure... Smartwatches are fine. But have you used a robot vacuum cleaner? They are not only fun - for both humans and pets - but they also make your life significantly easier.

Roborock has proven to be the most successful brand, consistently making innovations in the smart cleaning space. The company disrupted the industry by producing robovacs with top specs and yet pricing them in a comparatively affordable category. Roborock's robot vacuum cleaners not only bring high-end features but also last years and have gained a loyal fanbase in the process.

  1. Roborock S6: 42% discount
  2. Roborock S7 + H6: 35% discount

The company already retails its products in a much affordable category despite introducing the most innovative features with every iteration. However, promo periods make these vacuums a must-buy. This Labor Day, Roborock is running two massive offers: 42% off on the S6 vacuum and mop and a 35% discount on a bundle of the recently released S7 model with the H6 handheld vacuum to help you get a complete cleaning toolkit!

$400 discount on Roborock's brand new S7 + H6

Roborock is offering an amazing deal this Labor Day, packaging its very latest S7 robovac with its cordless, handheld H6 that helps you get to places a robot vacuum cleaner otherwise can't - like in between the car seats, your furniture, bedding, and even ceilings.

These products have a combined retail price of $1149.98, but with the Labor Day 2021 offer, you can get the two must-have cleaning products for just $749.99, a direct $400 discount!

Head over to the official store to get S7+H6 for $749.99

The company offers free shipping, and you also have a 30-day window to avail its free returns policy, which means you can return the products if you don't like them!

In the box: Roborock S7 + H6 + Accessories

Roborock S6 vacuum and mop ($270 off)

Roborock's master products have always been from its S series. The Roborock S6 is a strong, lasting product that does both sweeping and mopping, leaving your space clean and fresh as you wake up in the morning or when you come back from work.

This is no stupid robovac! S6 uses a high-precision laser navigation system that creates real-time maps of your home to work out the most efficient pattern to clean each room. With its app, you can make a schedule, name your rooms, instruct the S6 to clean a select few rooms, just deal with spills on a particular spot, and much more.

Retailing for $649.99, the Labor Day Sale helps you pick one up for just $379.99, with a 42% discount!

Go to Amazon to pick one of the most powerful robovacs at half the price! ($379.99)

Roborock S6 is a champ at avoiding obstacles, switching between different floor types to better deal with dirt, and can get itself back to the dock to recharge if it's low on battery and come back to carry on with the cleaning.

It comes with disposable mop pads, is supported by 14 sensor types that help it with route calculation, height sensitivity, and fall avoidance, and has exclusively designed DuPont bristles that sweep the floor without missing a thing. The list of specs are tech-packed in this tiny robot is almost endless!

roborock s6 robot vacuum cleaner featured

If you need to automate home cleaning but don't want to get into the mess of cheap robovacs, now is the time to get your hands on S6, S7, and H6 and enjoy the power of these award-winning cleaning products.

Discounts end September 6.

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