Report: Major AIB ASUS, to Break Embargo and Push Forth Intel 9 Series Chipset Relese date to the 28th of April

[Report] So something very interesting just cropped up. Intel's Embargo on the Intel 9 Series chipset, namely the Z97 and H97 lifts on the 11th of May, the same date as release. However it would appear that after the mass leak of 9 Series Motherboard pictures and features, ASUS is planning to break Embargo and push forward the press and review to the 28th of April. Needless to say, if this is the case then the rest of the AIBs will be forced to break NDA on the 28th too, or be left behind.

ASUS plans to break NDA on 28th April - EU and APAC to break first, Major AIBs could follow suit.

The back channels are abuzz with the talk that ASUS, a very big Add in Board Partner to Intel's 9 Series Chipset, is thinking about releasing Press and Review of the Z97 and H97 Motherboards on the 28th of April. If such is the case then other AIBs will be more or less forced to follow ASUS, or let it get a complete publicity monopoly. I do not know whether ASUS will in fact, decide to go forward with this plan or not, but other AIBs are starting to take counter-measures to the possible 28th Release.

As we have informed our readers many times in the past, the Intel 9 Series Chipsets are coming on the 11th of May, the reason being the date on which Intel's Embargo lifts. However, ASUS might very well succeed in creating a 'Synthetic Release Date' namely the 28th of April, roughly 2 - 3 days away depending on where you are in the world. The AIB seems to have changed tracks after the massive leak of ASUS Z97 boards (here, here and here) and the realization that after such a leak, the hype might not hold. Keeping in mind the leak and taking damage control measures, breaking the NDA on the 28th would not only give them an edge over other AIBS by taking them by surprise (oops) and allow them to get a very big piece of the 9 Series pie. If they decide to go forward with their  synthetic release date they will wait for EU and APAC to post first before posting Press and Reviews. However, only the coming Monday will tell whether they actually go forward with this plan or not.

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