Mahler: XSX Will Render 3rd-Party Games at 4K More Consistently and/or With Better Framerates While PS5 Will Load Them Faster

Moon Studios founder and creative director on Ori, Thomas Mahler, has talked about the differences between third-party titles running on the upcoming next-gen consoles, the Xbox Series X and the PS5.

The game director has been actively talking about the performance of both the PS5 and Xbox Series X the past few days, and as covered yesterday, Mahler believes that the true potential of the ultra-fast SSD inside Sony’s PS5 will likely only be used by first-party developers.

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On the ResetEra forums, Mahler has now shared some more views when it comes to the performance of third-party games running on the PS5 and Xbox Series X, saying that the raw power advantage of Microsoft’s console will likely result in those titles running in 4K resolution more frequently, with better framerates, or both. In return, the ultra-fast PS5 SSD will, in general, load games faster. Again – this applies to titles from third-party developers.

Now, let's say that the average load time with those SSDs on next-gen will be 10 seconds. And let's be generous and say that the PS5 SSD and throughput is twice as fast as X1SX - At that point you'd have 10s load times vs. 5s load times (keep in mind that loading often is more than just shuffling data around, so this isn't in any way accurate). I don't know if I'd care that much about 5 seconds saved every time I load if what I give up for that is framerate or resolution. And I guess that's the bet that Microsoft made here - more raw power rather than faster data transfer.

Now, it's clear that the Sony First Party devs will design their games around the crazy SSD and ensure that everything's smooth and juicy all the time and that you don't even see loading screens at all and that's great. But assuming that third parties will change their games completely, adjust levels and other stuff just to squeeze the most out of the PS5 architecture is just nutty. It won't happen. So again, what I think will be the usual case is that you'll see X1SX games render at 4k more regularly and / or at better framerates and on PS5 games will load faster. Players will have to decide what's more important to them.

In an earlier post, the Moon Studios co-founder already pointed out that people should think of the next-gen consoles as PCs with different specifications, hence the performance differences for third-party games.

Both the Xbox Series X and PS5 are slated for a release during this year’s holiday season. Sony has scheduled a PS5 reveal event for tomorrow 1PM PDT.

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