Magicka 2 – Release Date Reveal With a Humorous Trailer

With this fresh and very humorous Game of Thrones inspired trailer, we now have a release date for Magicka 2, from the equally as humorous and ridiculous Developers Paradox Interactive. The release date is set for May 26th and it will come out for PC and PlayStation 4.

'Learn To Spell Again With Magicka 2 on May 26th'

I don't know what to say, I mean Magicka is a great game and I have had countless of hours of fun running around yelling at my friends in panic (until you sound like a teenage boy in the middle of puberty) when Magic doesn't work out as planned. Or when you get a burning boulder thrown in your face at light-speed from one of your friends, Deliberately I might add. So I am looking forward to Magicka 2 a lot and I foresee countless more hours of fun.

The new trailer is spoofing Game of Thrones quite a bit, and in a very funny way (Season 5 will be in full flow by the time the game comes out) but the trailer is also showing gameplay in glorious 1080p 60 FPS. And 60 FPS should be quite good when you have to dodge your friends not so accidental burning boulders flying right towards your head.

As I said the trailer made me laugh quite a bit, but the guys over at Paradox Interactive usually comes up with funny an extremely silly stuff. The game can be pre-ordered on PC beginning today, with PlayStation 4 pre-orders starting 'Soon', and Magicka 2 will cost you 14.99$ on each platform respectively. If you want to, you can pre-order from the fittingly named (For newcomers to Magicka, Vlad is NOT a Vampire. I promise) link, or over at Steam

Some Gameplay Info:
"Adventure mode gives players the chance to battle through a campaign, but the real test of a wizard's worth is the challenge mode. Here, mages must fend of 20 waves of increasingly difficult enemies. Similar to Halo's Skull system, Paradox offers artifact modifiers that allow players to switch up the experience. For instance, intrepid wizards with a taste for brutality can ramp up the enemy skill, speed, and hit points. You could also turn off some of the elements altogether, tune friendly fire to be more or less damaging, or even turn on an audience laugh track to lighten the mood."

My body is Ready for Magicka 2 on PC come May 26th, is yours?

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