Mad Max Released Today, The Desert is Making Him Slightly Loony


The open world extravaganza that follows the angst of Max and his journey to create the Magnum Opus has finally been released to the world after quite a few years of development. And of course, like quite a few recent game releases, this one is not without its share of glitches and bugs.

Mad Max is going bananas in the wasteland, probably needs more potassium.

Reddit user Fastandslow was able to capture some very interesting footage of our Mad Max as he tries his hand at some very difficult acrobatic stunts. Unfortunately these smooth moves aren't supposed to be a normal part of the game, though such impressive aerial feats might be fun to perform.

Thus far the consensus from reviewers from various outlets on Mad Max hasn't exactly agreed on how good or bad the game is. It's receiving very mixed reviews, from a 5/10 from Polygon to an 8.4 from IGN. Our own review is underway and should be done for you to enjoy very soon. And of course we'll have our own videos that hopefully don't include wacky antics such as the above example. Though it oddly looks fun.