Slightly Mad Releases Mad Box Concept Images; CEO Says Plan Is Almost “Excessive” Amounts of “Power”

mad box concept images

The CEO of Slightly Mad Studios, Ian Bell, has released the very first Mad Box concept images and has confirmed that the specs for the new console are inbound.

Yesterday we already covered some tweets from Bell responding to questions and criticism from the community and confirmed that the team is in talks with both AMD and NVIDIA about the console. Today the CEO has again taken to Twitter to show off the very first renders of the Mad Box.

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The first concept image that Bell released can be seen at the top of this post, and we’ve included another concept image from the upcoming console down below. Please note that this is merely an early concept render. According to Bell, the internals of the console have been blurred as the team is still discussing the console's hardware.

"You want a Mad Box, you're going to be celebrating it!", the Slightly Mad founder tweeted. "We aren't making no stinking black slider to hide away in your rack. We should all be proud of our gaming, we should celebrate it! The best Mad Box selfies we receive will get free games, for life."

The 4K console was officially announced earlier this week, but Slightly Mad has yet to reveal its specifications. Luckily, Bell has confirmed that these specs are inbound.

"Specs are incoming", he said. "We aren't using old kit. We're in talks now to get the very best available when we're shipping. Lots of considerations though."

If Bell is to be believed, the Mad Box will be a powerhouse that will offer almost excessive amounts of power. "We're still talking to partners", he said on Twitter. "The plan is 'power', almost excessive amounts of it, but integrated onto a circuit board with our custom design to keep prices 'sensible'...

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Slightly Mad Releases Mad Box Concept Images; CEO Says Plan Is Almost “Excessive” Amounts of “Power”

Another interesting new tidbit is that the console is now said to be capable of running VR games in 180FPS, 90FPS per eye. Bell previously stated that the console would run VR games in 120FPS.

What do you think of the console's very first renders? Will it blow the next-generation of consoles away? Will it be able to compete with gaming behemoths Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft? Hit the comments below.

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