Hidden Resources in macOS Sierra Hint at MacBook Pro OLED Touch Bar and Touch ID


Apple released macOS Sierra beta to developers yesterday, which means devs have already started to look around the upcoming desktop operating for any new changes and features. While many were disappointed not to see any hardware-related announcements yesterday, several reports have confirmed that Apple will launch the 2016 MacBook Pro very soon. Now developers have found some new additions hidden inside macOS Sierra, possibly confirming the rumored OLED touch bar and Touch ID support for 2016 MacBook Pro.

macOS Sierra confirms some interesting 2016 MacBook Pro rumors

New additions in the APIs have given clues about the upcoming new features for the MacBooks, including the rumored OLED touch bar. We have seen several reports that have claimed that the Cupertino tech giant is planning a major redesign of 2016 MacBook Pro. One of the most significant features includes a new OLED touch bar that will replace the traditional function keys' row. Following these reports, we also saw some mockups of these rumors, giving us an early glimpse of the possible new design.

macOS Sierra API changes have now fueled into these rumors, confirming that we are in for a major new design feature coming to the new MacBooks. This new OLED bar will be a second screen on the MacBook, replacing the function keys, and bringing more functionality to the touch panel.macOS Sierra 2016 MacBook Pro

The new additions land support to the rumored OLED touch bar, including a new "kHIDUsage_LED_DoNotDisturb" API that hints at a dedicated Do Not Disturb button on the touch bar. Resources like the DND and LED_BatteryLow suggest that Apple might introduce dedicated keys for system information, functions, and apps. Battery levels, Do Not Disturb mode, Night mode, Volume controls, etc, could all have their own signs and keys on the touch bar.

There are also references for biometric input, giving clues to Apple bringing the Touch ID to the MacBooks. While these resources do hint at possible new features coming to the new MacBooks, it can never be confirmed if these features will indeed be part of the upcoming MacBooks. Among sluggish iPhone sales, it is highly likely that Apple is planning a major release of the next-generation MacBooks this fall, and exciting features like an OLED touch bar will certainly help the company.

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