New Macbook Pro Specs Leaked.

Apple will be releasing its new line of Macbook Pro this Thursday and its just in that the specs of the upcoming notebook have been leaked on the net. You can check them out below:

New MacBook Pros to Bring below Specs:

  • no more white MacBook (Apple goes back to two lines of 13″ inchers)
  • 16 GB SSD mSATA drives on all models to store the system
  • Core i3 and third USB port on the 13″ model
  • Matte screen option on the higher-end 13″
  • Option to replace the SuperDrive with a SSD on the 15 and 17″ models
  • HD screens on all models : 1440×900 on the 13″, 1680×1050 on the 15″
  • 200 to 300 grams lighter : 1.8 kg for the 13″, 2.3 kg for the 15″, 2.65 kg for the 17″
  • Better battery life : 12 hours on the 13″, 10 hours on the 15″
  • 8 GB of RAM on the 17″

The use of Core i3 Processor and SSD are a good thing to see in the new notebook, Also notice that the SSD will be used to store the primary OS or system drive resulting in better loading and boot times of the device. The site behind the leak also mentioned “Light Peak” technology over again, what they have said:

Finally, we spoke of “new technology” that would make his first steps in these new MacBook Pro: Integrating Light Peak in the third USB port? New battery technology? New materials explaining the drop weight? Impossible to know for now, but the wait will last only until Thursday.


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