Mac Pro Launch Date – German Retailer Starts Taking Pre-Orders

Rafia Shaikh

Apple confirmed the launch of its redesigned Mac Pro in December during the iPad launch event in October. However, no dates were shared by the company. December is already here and we await any official confirmation about Mac Pro launch date.

Mac Pro launch date and pre-orders:

Amidst this uncertainty, a German retailer has been spotted taking pre-orders for the upcoming Apple's Mac Pro. Conrad Electronic is showing the official Mac Pro launch date as December 17. Even though this doesn't sound unrealistic considering October event's mention of December, many expected to learn about this from Apple itself first.mac pro launch date

Apart from the German Conrad, French site MacGeneration has also posted a tweet claiming the delivery to customers will start on December 18. Launching on December 17 and shipping starting on 18 - quite a slid speculation.

@MacGenerationDernière date entendue pour la dispo du Mac Pro : mercredi 18 décembre (précédemment on nous avait parlé du 13/12).

German Conrad Electronics is an authorized Apple reseller but we cannot trust it completely considering it might be trying to get some early pre-orders for the Mac Pro and get more business.

Mac Pro specs and price:

This new Mac Pro has been redesigned from the very basics and will be available in varied configurations. You can pre-order a Mac Pro with a 4, 6, 8, or 12 core processor. It includes a 3.7Ghz quad-core Xeon chip, 12GB of DRAM and a 256 GB SSD. The professional Mac Pro price starts at $2999.

We are yet to get any confirmation about Mac Pro launch date from Apple itself. Nevertheless seeing two different sites from two different countries hinting at similar dates do make us believe we are going to see the latest redesigned Mac Pro in a couple of weeks. 

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