M2 Pro Mac mini Receives Massive Praise For Its Performance And Pricing In Review Roundup, But Dated Design Disappoints Many

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2023 Mac mini
Apple's latest Mac mini that can either be equipped with an M2 or M2 Pro SoC

When Apple’s latest Mac mini went official, we had a hunch that its $599 starting price was going to be an extremely attractive variable that would force consumers to pick it up. Well, in this review roundup, that is what the majority of critics talk about, and though some of them have called out Apple for sticking with its older design, its performance greatly impressed many.

Dan Ackerman from CNET believes that the base model, which costs $599, is going to be the right choice for the majority of consumers, as the M2 Pro variant is a little expensive. If consumers want a little performance, they should opt for the pricier variant.

“I think the base M2 Mac Mini is going to be a smart, clear choice for a lot of people. The more powerful, more expensive M2 Pro version isn't as clear cut, but I appreciate the flexibility having both the M2 and M2 Pro versions adds, allowing you to spend anywhere from $599 to $4,499 on a new Mac Mini that meets your specific needs, whether that's creating pro-level YouTube videos or recording and producing the next great true crime podcast.”

Alex Wawro did his piece for Macworld, claiming that while you can get more raw performance out of other options, such as the M1 Ultra Mac Studio, or the Intel-based Mac Pro, both machines are costly, making this the ideal upgrade for many.

“While you can get better raw performance out of a Mac desktop if you splurge for a Mac Studio with M1 Ultra or an old-fashioned Mac Pro, both of those options will cost you several thousand dollars more than a fully upgraded Mac mini M2 Pro. They're great PCs for those that need (and can afford) them, but for most of us the new Mac mini M2 seems like a solid deal that delivers power and versatility at a great price.”

The Verge review done by Chris Welch says that the latest Mac mini is Apple’s best version yet, and though the company stuck with the same design, it properly harnesses the power of the M2 Pro, along with other noteworthy upgrades such as Wi-Fi 6E. Its multitude of I/O, which includes Thunderbolt 4 ports, is a plus when attaching multiple high-resolution monitors.

“It shouldn’t be surprising that the 2023 Mac Mini is the best version of the product that Apple has pulled off yet. It looks the same but benefits greatly from the M2 platform, and that’s true whether you choose the standard chip or invest in the powerful M2 Pro. Either way, you also gain better Wi-Fi and can expect very few bumps this far into the Apple silicon transition. Spend more on the M2 Pro, and on top of the mighty speed, you’ll get to take advantage of even more Thunderbolt 4 ports and more external displays.”

As for the review published on Six Colors by Dan Moren, he shares the same majority sentiment as other reviewers, calling the M2 Mac mini an extremely capable machine that will cater to most people’s needs. However, he does point out how much of a market Apple has left for its more powerful upcoming offerings, such as the Mac Pro. It looks like we will find out when that product actually launches. If you want to check out video reviews of the latest Mac mini, you can view the links below.

“In short, the M2 Mac mini is extremely good at what most users will want to do, and the M2 Pro Mac mini will satisfy the section of the market that needs to do tasks that require a little more oomph (or a couple more ports). The only real question, to my mind, is how much of an audience there is for an inevitably more powerful desktop Mac model, whether it be an M2 Mac Studio, the promised Apple silicon Mac Pro, or both. It’s a lot of products at the faster (and more expensive) end of Apple’s product line.”

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