M2 MacBook Pro Has Incredible Battery Life as Reviewer Purposely Tries to Drain It Faster, but Ends up With Runtime of 16+ Hours

M2 MacBook Pro Has Incredible Battery Life as Reviewer Purposely Tries to Drain It Faster, but Ends up With Runtime of 16+ Hours

Apple’s transition to custom chips for its Mac lineup means users would no longer have to worry about terrible battery life, and the M2 MacBook Pro delivers on that front exceptionally. Proof of its endurance lies when a reviewer intentionally tried to drain the battery of the portable Mac, but it ended up giving her a runtime of more than 16 hours. This means that you can actually use the machine the entire day and not have to worry about it powering off due to a low charge.

The M2 MacBook Pro Was Taken Through Its Paces, and It Is Impressive How Long It Lasted

To test how long the M2 MacBook Pro can remain powered on, The Verge’s Monica Chin was adamant about stressing the notebook’s battery by running programs that she normally uses regularly. This included a combination of Spotify, several browser tabs, an opened Google Doc, and more.

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Monica started the test at 8 PM, claiming that the Gigabyte Aero 16 with its humongous 99WHr battery would have almost powered off by 10:30 PM. Keep in mind that the Aero 16’s cell is significantly larger than what the M2 MacBook Pro houses, costing a whopping $4,399 for the model she reviewed.

“This is around when the Gigabyte Aero 16 would be dying. The MacBook, though, is still very much alive. Anyway, I feel like I’m clearly not taxing this thing hard enough, so I look around for things that might need to be updated. Some of my Adobe apps are out of date, so I set those downloads off. I’ve been wanting to familiarize myself with After Effects, so I play around with that for a bit.”

After a good 16 hours, 30 minutes, and 39 seconds, Monica says that the M2 MacBook Pro finally went offline in the middle of a music video. While this was an initial test run, those numbers are downright incredible, but she may have a more accurate result after a few discharge cycles.

“Well, the final stretch takes a lot longer than I thought it would. But after 16 hours, 30 minutes, and 39 seconds, the M2 MacBook Pro is done for. It died in the middle of playing Tomorrow X Together’s Can’t You See Me music video, right as they’re setting a building on fire. There should be a metaphor in there somewhere, but I’m too tired to find it.”

If you want, check out Monica’s entire experience with draining the M2 MacBook Pro battery by clicking on the source link below. What do you think of the battery timing? Impressed? We certainly were, so tell us down in the comments on what you thought.

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News Source: The Verge

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