Apple’s M1 Max Teraflops Performance Is Higher Than the PS5, 4x faster than M1, According to Fresh Comparison

Apple’s M1 Max Teraflops Performance Is Higher Than the PS5, According to Fresh Comparison

During Apple’s 2021 MacBook Pro unveiling, the company provided some info about the M1 Pro and its fastest custom silicon at the moment, the M1 Max. When digging around for some stats, we stumbled across its teraflops performance, with the SoC being faster than the PS5.

Apple’s M1 Max Still Slower Than PS5 in Memory Bandwidth

The YouTuber Vadim Yuryev shared some helpful performance stats of the M1 Max, claiming that it can deliver 10.40 Teraflops of performance. In comparison, the PS5 can achieve 10.28 Teraflops, making it just a hairline slower than Apple’s most powerful custom chip. When comparing it to the M1, the M1 Max is four times faster, as the SoC announced last year could only reach 2.6 Teraflops.

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However, just because the M1 Max is faster than the PS5 in Teraflops performance, does not mean it will achieve victory in other categories. For example, the chipset can reach a maximum memory bandwidth of 400GB/s, while the PS5 can obtain up to 448GB/s. Then again, this custom silicon does not require a massive enclosure to perform to its fullest, and the fact that you are getting current-generation console performance from inside of a MacBook Pro is thoroughly impressive.

Do keep in mind that the stats Yuryev shared of the M1 Max’s 400GB/s memory bandwidth is for its highest configuration, which includes a 32-core GPU and 64GB of unified RAM. This means that you might not see the same level of performance if the M1 Max is configured with less memory or fewer GPU cores, but if we come across that comparison, we will be sure to let our readers know.

In a previous benchmark comparison, the M1 Max was shown to be twice as fast as the M1 in multi-core performance, and if this is the level of performance that Apple’s notebook chips can reach, we cannot wait to see what the technology giant has planned for the future Mac Pro. What did you think of these stats? Let us know down in the comments.

News Source: Vadim Yuryev

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