M1 MacBook Air SSD Speeds Are Twice as Fast as the Previous Intel-Based Version


The 2020 MacBook Air, a model which has now been discontinued by Apple in favor of the M1 MacBook Air, was criticized for having slower SSD speeds. The company has made changes to this in the latest version, which features the custom 5nm M1 chip and, alongside it, a faster SSD, according to these tests.

The M1 MacBook Air SSD Can Reach Speeds of 2676MB/s for the 256GB Model

One MacRumors forums member going by the username abbotsford1980 tested out the M1 MacBook Air SSD and got some impressive results if you compare them to the 2019 and 2020 MacBook Air model sporting an Intel CPU. The surprising thing about the previous-generation Intel versions was the one launched back in 2018 actually had a faster SSD than its successors. However, it also arrived at a higher starting price than the newer versions.

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Coming to the tests, the M1 MacBook Air obtains read and write speeds of 2675MB/s and 2190MB/s, respectively. Apple mentioned during its presentation of the M1 Mac models that the new storage controller will aid in improved SSD speeds, and you can see those results here. However, there’s one thing we’d like to point. Normally, higher capacity SSD models can deliver higher read and write speeds.

With the 256GB storage version of the M1 MacBook Air tested, it will be interesting to see how the 512GB, 1TB, and 2TB versions perform. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long for those results to come out. Though the 256GB model is speedy, we can’t help but wonder how quickly it will take users to fill up the capacity in almost no time. Sure, this much capacity should be nothing for students, but power users must be careful when installing a boatload of programs.

Also, you can’t upgrade the SSD on the M1 MacBook Air yourself, so you’ll have to configure the model while placing the order, or you’ll be stuck with what you get.

News Source: MacRumors forums