Even With the 16GB RAM Option for the M1 iPad Pro, Apps Are Reportedly Limited to Using Just 5GB of Memory

Even With 16GB RAM Option for the M1 iPad Pro, Apps Are Reportedly Limited to Using Just 5GB of Memory

Apple certainly outdid itself, not only when it unveiled the M1 iPad Pro, but revealing that customers can configure it with up to 16GB RAM if they can pay for it. This makes the flagship tablet no less than sporting desktop-level hardware, but unfortunately, it is the iPadOS platform that severely limits the new slate. According to a forum post, apps are limited to using just 5GB of RAM, irrespective of how much memory your iPad Pro ships with.

Developer States That Attempting to Use More Memory Causes the App to Crash

To remind you, the M1 iPad Pro ships in 8GB RAM and 16GB RAM configurations. Customers will only gain access to 16GB RAM if they purchase the 1TB or 2TB storage variants, and that will require some extra cash on the part of the customer. Unfortunately, even if you purchase the 16GB RAM version thinking it will benefit you, we have to be the bearer of terrible news.

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According to a post on Procreate, one developer states that no matter what M1 iPad Pro version you have with you, apps will continue to be limited to using only 5GB of memory. The developer also states that if the app uses more, it simply crashes.

“Hi, Artsutdio Pro developer here.

There is a big problem with M1 iPad Pro. After making stress test and other tests on new M1 iPad Pro with 16GB or RAM, it turned out that app can use ONLY 5GB or RAM! If we allocate more, app crashes. It is only 0.5GB more that in old iPads with 6GB of RAM! I suppose it isn't better on iPad with 8GB.”

Later, Procreate stated on Twitter that all M1 iPad Pro models will have the same amount of RAM allocated to the app. Of course, when there is an update to that, the developers will let us know, but it is still disappointing that users cannot make use of those resources when they are right there at their fingertips.

It looks like during the WWDC 2021 keynote, we will have more information on whether Apple intends on improving iPadOS in this regard or not. After all, apps for creative professionals such as Final Cut Pro are rumored to arrive for iPadOS, but it will not do users any favors if these programs are limited to the amount of RAM they can use.

News Source: Procreate

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