Developer Wants Apple to Bring iPhone-Like ‘Low Power’ Mode to MacBooks – Could Increase Battery Life up to a Whopping 50 Percent

Low Power Mode for MacBooks Could Provide a 50% Battery Life Increase, Says Developer

iOS has a nifty feature that lets iPhone users extend battery life when the device is low on juice. This is achieved by reducing some background activity. Currently, Apple is believed to be working on a ‘Pro Mode’ for macOS that will boost the performance of Macs but the trade-off would be the battery life and increased fan noise. Developer Marco Arment, on the other hand, believes that the Cupertino giant should also consider introducing a low power mode for MacBooks, just like the one on iPhones.

Developer Uses an App That Simulates a Low Power Mode for MacBooks and the Results Are Beyond Impressive

Although macOS doesn’t have a Low Power Mode right now, Arment has whipped something of his own to achieve similar results. Basically, he uses an app known as Turbo Boost Switcher Pro which provides an option to disable Intel’s Turbo Boost feature. Arment says that his very own low power mode for MacBooks has enabled him to extend the battery life of his 16-inch MacBook Pro by around 30 to 50 percent, which is very impressive.

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With the self-created low power mode for MacBooks, the peak CPU power consumption goes down by 62 percent, subsequently reducing the temperature too. With Turbo Boost disabled, the laptop stays cool for the most part or moderately warm at most and thus, the fans never spin up audibly, which is great if that pesky noise is distracting for you.

Best of all, despite a reduction in processing power, the low power mode for MacBooks doesn’t really slow down the system. This means you can still get almost everything done easily as most workloads are not affected. Unfortunately, Turbo Boost Switcher Pro works using a legacy kernel extension that will most probably not be supported in the upcoming version of macOS.

Thus, Arment, and likely a lot of Apple fans will really appreciate it if the company officially rolls out a low power mode for MacBooks that can keep devices cool for the most part and also give battery life a significant boost. Sure, there might be some performance trade-offs, but this feature can still come in handy at times when speed isn’t your topmost requirement.

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