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Linksys Aims to Envelop Your Home’s Network With Its Velop Router System


The pioneer of router makers, Linksys has announced a modular Wi-Fi system which it calls Velop and the company claims that it will be able to cover all areas of a house with signals thanks to this latest system. While the form factor of these products is small enough to get accommodated without taking up too much space, they will still cost you.

Linksys Velop Router System Is Available in a 3-Pack and Single Router Pack to Eclipse Your Home With Wi-Fi Signals

Multi-router systems are available ranging from the Eero and Google Wifi but what makes them any different to Linksys’ offerings? According to the manufacturer, Velop can be set up in just minutes and delivers some of the fastest and most reliable Wi-Fi in the multi-unit router market.

Linksys Velop AC1300 Dual Band Mesh System 2-Pack Discounted to Just $99 [Was $200]

Like similar products out there, Velop's advantage lies in being able to blanket houses with internet coverage without the chances of you encountering dead sports anywhere. Linksys states that its latest products are able to get accommodated in any house, suggesting that even in oddly constructed buildings, the Velop Router System will effectively be able to provide you with sufficient internet coverage.

If you purchase the 3-pack router, all three Wi-Fi radios will constantly communicate with each other in order to ensure that there is no breakage in connection. According to Linksys, a 100 percent Wi-Fi mesh network signal means that users will be able to experience top-level performance without the chance of facing any lag or those annoying buffering delays. While all of these features are great, acquiring the Linksys Velop Router system will definitely come at a price and performance of these routers will also depend upon the package that you’re currently running from your internet service provider.

Velop goes on sale today for $499.99 for a 3-pack router, $349.99 for a 2-pack router, and $199.99 for one Velop router. If you have a fairly large home and do experience dead zones with your current Wi-Fi configuration, then it is recommended that you purchase the 3-pack router.