Lian Li Releases The TU150 A Truly Portable Small Form Factor Case


The Lian Li TU150 designed to provide a better build experience for mini-ITX enthusiasts, the TU150 is a very interesting small form factor case. Built with black or silver brushed aluminum side panels and a tempered glass left side panel that sits flush all around the case, the toolless design provides ease of manipulation and a clean finish, not a single exposed screw to be found. Capable to support up to 15kg and inspired by the TU100 and TU200, the carry handle went under extensive redesign to be fully retractable and vanish seamlessly within the top panel.

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The TU150 features all the I/O expected in a modern case, such as 2 USB3.0, and a front USB Type C despite me not being able to find an ITX or DTX board with this support, as well as HD audio. For thermal management, aficionados will be pleased with the TU150 well thought out cooling system compatibilities. With a total depth of 375mm and width of 203mm, the TU150 can easily accommodate two 120mm fans, one at the front and one at the rear, to create a straight air tunnel and ensure proper ventilation of all components and the front fan having a filter. Additionally, two (unfiltered)120mm fans can be installed beneath the GPU to keep the graphics card at optimum performance temperature. High-performance enthusiasts also have the option to install a 120mm AIO or a CPU cooler of up to 165mm height. To top it all, the TU150 back sports 3 removable expansion slots and can support a graphics card of up to 320mm x 165mm

When it comes storage, the TU150 has an interesting solution. With a configuration option of 2x 2.5” SSD or 1x 2.5” SSD + 1x 3.5” HDD. builders can take advantage of the tempered glass panel to boldly display their storage configuration. Because cable management not only makes your system look good but actually helps improve its airflow, the TU150 is designed with a cable management solution at the top panel as the retractable handle mechanism creates an “attic” space, leaving enough room to store pass some cables from the top. Secondly, the motherboard tray is at an angle, allowing more space for the organization of the PSU cables, while the right side of the chassis features enough room to route and tidy up all your cables. Lastly, the tempered glass side panel features a shaded area at the top to help minimize the visibility of the cables around the case. While the showing off of your SSD could be cool, it would be nice to have the option to display your massive capacity 3.5" drive there if you so chose to.

I am currently working on a build video featuring the silver version of this case but if you're in the market for one they can be found listed over on Newegg for $109.99.