Apple Might Use Retractable Keyboards to Make Future MacBooks Thinner

Ali Salman
MacBook Keyboard

There's no denying that Apple files a lot of patents. While it's not certain that they will see daylight any time soon, it's always good to see where Apple is headed. Apple could also integrate the patented technology in its future products, which is one way of securing an idea so others might not adopt it. Today, the USPTO published a new patent application pertaining to the MacBook's retractable keyboard to make the laptops thinner.

Apple's Latest Patent Imagines a Retractable Keyboard in MacBook to Make them Thinner

According to the patent, the MacBook with its keyboards and assemblies will be able to change its position when the lid closes. This will allow the MacBook to be even thinner than it is today. MacBook Pro models are already quite thin compared to industry standards and it would be a treat to experience the retractable keyboard.

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Apple Patent MacBook Keyboard

The aspect of the invention in the patent states that the keyboard will feature a keycap, a base layer with a stabilizer which will be raised when the lid is open and lowered when the lid of the MacBook is closed. The keycap will be spaced away from the base layer when it is in the raised position. It also houses a movable magnetic layer structure between the two positions corresponding to the base layer.

Apple Patent MacBook Keyboard

The movable magnet serves to reposition the stabilizer from the raised position to the lowered position when it is moved. The stabilizer will feature a pivot with two pivot points attached to the magnet structure. Check out the images embedded below that shows the MacBook Pro keyboard in two positions, when the keyboard is raised and lowered.

The new Apple patent was filed back in Q3 of last year. As mentioned earlier, we're not familiar when Apple will implement the technology in its MacBooks. How do you like the retractable keyboard in MacBook? Let us know.

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