LG V30 Will Be Able to Unlock Itself Using Your ‘Voice Enabled’ Keywords

Omar Sohail
LG V30

Facial recogntion and fingerprint authorization is something that we have seen on devices before, but with the LG V30, we might be looking at a more convenient way of unlocking your phone. According to sources close to the matter, the flagship smartphone will allow users to unlock it using keyword phrases spoken by that user.

LG V30 Will Not Get Its Own Virtual Assistant But Will Rely on Several Keywords to Execute Certain Actions

With the Galaxy Note 8 expected to retain the Bixby assistant for improved functionality and a better smartphone experience, the LG V30 also has something its sleeve to augment that experience equally. According to Cho Jun-ho, the President of LG’s Mobile Communication Division, the V30 is expected to deliver an upgraded slew of communication functions.

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“We will provide both convenience and professionalism by allowing everyone to enjoy V30’s high-performance multimedia functions.”

It has not been detailed on how these keyword phrases will work but we’re assuming that you will need to provide voice authentication and record certain words. When the device hears those words, the required action will be carried out. For example, speaking ‘Good Day’ will unlock your handset, but since this is a flagship phone, the user might be able to decide what words should be used to carry out certain functions.

This is going to be a handy feature to have on the V30, especially for those that are not accustomed to using the rear-mounted fingerprint readers on mobile phones. Aside from this, the upcoming flagship will be able to perform exceptionally well in low-light conditions thanks to featuring the widest aperture in a smartphone camera.

With a value of F/1.6, the LG V30 exceeds the limits of the Galaxy S8’s aperture, allowing the mobile computing device to outperform the competition. There is going to be a dual-camera setup so all the more reason to be excited about the official launch.

News Source: The Korea Herald

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