LG V30 Official Images: Check Out the 6-Inch P-OLED Touting Flagship From All Angles in the Latest Gallery


The LG V30 comes with a massive feature set to be seen in a flagship smartphone and it is a very attractive handset from an aesthetics viewpoint too. To reveal a closer aspect of the V30, here are the official images of the 6-inch crown jewel from the Korean giant.

Check Out This Official 25-Image Gallery of the LG V30, Highlighting All Corners of the 6-Inch P-OLED Flagship

If you notice carefully, the logo at the bottom part of the smartphone is not present, meaning that the bezels had to be reduced even further so this trade-off could be made. The phone comprises up of a metal and glass combination, which is why the device is able to provide support for wireless charging. In fact, now you will not have to make a choice which model to purchase because all models come with a Hi-Fi Quad DAC and Qi wireless charging support.

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The only thing you will have to take care of is how much storage you need because there are two storage versions that will be available in the future. The base storage model comes with 64GB while the higher-end version comes with 128GB. All versions will feature 4GB of LPDDR4X RAM and all versions will also get a 16MP F/1.6 camera.

Despite featuring a 6-inch display, the LG V30 gets a 3,300mAh battery underneath the hood and also supports Bluetooth 5.0. Other important additions include NFC, Infrared, and 802.11ac Wi-Fi. Pricing of the flagship is yet to be announced, but we believe it will become a strong contender against the Galaxy Note 8.

The dual-camera is going to be one of the selling points of the flagship and if LG has improved its smartphone UI, that will too. Keep in mind that this is the first flagship from the company to feature an OLED panel, so important perks such as vibrant colors and HDR support has been included.

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