LG Might Not Make OLED Panels for Apple’s iPhone Lineup This Year Due to Production Difficulties

LG OLED for iPhone 2019 reportedly halted

During the start of 2017, Apple employed the use of Samsung’s OLED screens for the iPhone X, along with its 2018 iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. However, to command pricing leverage, it needed to bring other manufacturers into the fold, such as LG Display, and BOE. While LG Display was reported on several occasions to manufacture a small portion of Apple’s iPhone OLED screens for this year, according to the latest report, it appears that the Korean giant’s production facility has run into a problem. If this issue is indeed true and it continues to persist, Apple might not generate the same level of confidence in LG and might have to look for another manufacturer.

LG Display Has a Secondary Production Line, but It Was Meant to Start the Process After the First One Became Operational

According to a report from ETNews via The Investor, LG Display was meant to start the manufacturing of OLED screens through its E6-1 lineup, located in Paju. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen problems, the E6-1’s operations have been halted for now, according to one source. However, that doesn’t mean LG’s display manufacturing arm will be out of business when it comes to making the specific part for Apple. Instead, the Korean firm has another production line called E6-2.

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However, E6-2 was meant to start operations after E6-1, but thanks to the latest revelation, looks like LG will have to kickstart operations on its second production line much earlier than expected. From 2017, Apple introduced its first ever OLED-touting iPhone, followed by two more models the next year. While the following is just a rumor, the company plans on omitting an LCD iPhone variant starting next year, meaning that all handset models reportedly launching next year could be an all-OLED-iPhone-affair.

This can potentially mean that the iPhone XR successor launching this year will be the last LCD-based iPhone from the company, and if that is true, Apple will need to rely on more firms other than Samsung to deliver the necessary display panels, in both quantity and quality. BOE has also been reported to have ambitious plans to overthrow Samsung as the leading OLED supplier for Apple’s iPhone range, but the Chinese manufacturer has a long road ahead of it.

For now, LG Display will be hoping that the issues currently plaguing the E6-1 production line will be temporary, as it means the company will not be able to churn out the same number of display units as it was projected to do this year.

News Source: The Investor

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