The 2015 Nexus By LG Leaks In More Renders Today


When it comes to the 2015 Nexus, we've started to see an increasing number of leaks, rumors and speculations surface about Google's smartphones for this year. While custom has it that the software giant launches just one smartphone a year, looks like we're going to get two devices this year. Both Huawei and LG are said to have Nexus smartphones under the works, and today we get too see some more renders surface about LG's device.

LG Nexus 5 Appears In More Renders Showcasing Several Design Details

Courtesy of French leaker Onleaks, and the website uSwitch, we've managed to get our hands on some fresh renders of the 2015 LG Nexus. As you all know by now, case manufacturers always have the inside scoop when it comes to upcoming devices, and courtesy of this scoop we get to know more about the 2015 Nexus today. Onleaks and uSwitch have manged to produce some renders of the upcoming device that conform to specifications already received by case manufacturers, so lets take a look at what this year's Nexus from LG has to offer.

As you can see in the images above, simplicity is the theme that's going to stay on this year's Nexus as well. The device's rather uniform design shows attention to detail yet makes it appear very elegant in nature. On the right side of the device we get a SIM card slot and a power button, while the bottom of the 2015 Nexus features a headphone jack and a USB port. Unluckily, we don't get to know much about the device's material from today's post, but you can be sure that details will pop up on this aspect as well in the future.

The rear of the device shows a fingerprint sensor, though these images do differ from what we've seen the same source present in the past about the 2015 Nexus. But given the increasing trend of biometric recognition in smartphones these days, its nearly given that Google will also equip this year's Nexus with a similar feature. So take a look at the images and let us know whether you agree with what's coming on the 2015 Nexus in the comments section below.