LG And Huawei’s 2015 Nexus See Specifications Pop Up

This year's information about Google's Nexus has started to become more and more interesting as the day passes. While we saw two Nexus launches from Google last year, one in the form of a smartphone and the other in the form of a tablet, looks like this year the software giant's got big plans for its smartphone. We've been hearing about two Nexus devices so far, and by the looks of things both of them will be coming this year.

Dimensions and Specifications of LG's and Huawei's Nexus Surface

When it comes to leaks, there are a few sources as reliable and as consistent as France's Onleaks. We've seen him post information about nearly every device, ranging from Apple to Android and he shows no intention of stopping. Today, both the alleged 2015 Nexus devices have come under his crosshairs, and we get to learn a lot about the devices today.

Starting from LG's Nexus, which has been reported to be based on a prototype of a smartphone already under works at the manufacturer, we learn that the device will be coming with a screen size of 5.2mm. It'll also be coming with a metal body in all likelihood, given that plastic and other materials have started to disappear slowly from the Android world these days.

Dimensions for the device will be 146.9 mm long, 72.9 mm and either 8 or 9.8 mm in thickness, which is a bit too much if you ask us. A fingerprint sensor for the device also surfaces again today, after we saw it make a potential appearance in earlier images posted by Onleaks. You'll also be getting a USB Type-C connector port, which should be quite a treat for users all around.

Coming towards the Chinese manufacturer Huawei, we've been hearing word about a potential partnership between Google and the company, through which the software giant gets to promote an App Store in the every growing Chinese market and Huawei gains international exposure for its smartphones. Well, Huawei's Nexus will be more in the phablet category and will be coming with a screen size of 5.7 inches. Dimensions for the device will be 159.4x78.3x6.6/8.5mm, which seems better to us in the thickness department.

Feature wise, both rear fingerprint sensor and a USB Type-C port will be making it on the Huawei Nexus phablet as well. Looks like Google's going to make Type-C one of the Nexus' defining features this year and it might work out for the company too, given that very few devices out there utilize the high speed technology as of now. There's no word on hardware configurations or expected launch period so far though. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned for more.

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