LG Will Grace the Display Community With a 4K HDR Monitor at CES 2017


In addition to announcing a new lineup of smartphones, LG is also prepping to announce a new 4K display at CES 2017. The display is going to feature upgraded color quality, as well as a new standard for modern-day notebooks to help extend your workplace.

LG Will Be Showcasing Its 32UD99 – It Will Provide Support for the HDR10 Standard

As the name suggests, 32UD99 will feature a diagonal screen size of 32 inches that will resonate the 4K resolution. Additionally, it will also provide support for the HDR10 standard. For quite some time now, TVs have been supporting HDR, and it is PC monitors that are slowly starting to get this addition too. LG is going to be one of the first manufacturers of these displays, thus improving display color quality to a whole new echelon. According to more details, the LG 32UD99 is going to be hooked up to a USB-C connection, which means that the connectors present on the display will probably support Thunderbolt 3.

It has not been detailed if the upcoming monitor will also feature additional display ports, but if it does, it is going to make a lot of gamers very happy. Still, you cannot deny the fact that Thunderbolt 3 has a huge lead over previous display standards, even though it will still create compatibility issues for a lot of users out there. LG is probably targeting MacBook Pro users again, but this time, they will experience better color quality.

The IPS screen can display over 95 percent of the P3 color gamut, so you should expect crisp results when the manufacturer shows off its latest offering at the CES 2017 trade show. LG is also planning to announce another display, and it will provide support for built-in Chromecast. Details are extremely scarce at this time, but we’ll have all the details for you when the CES 2017 trade show kicks off. LG is definitely going to take advantage of the event and we’ll be providing you with the necessary details.