LG G6 Might Retail for $50 More Than G5 Due to Its Premium Features

LG G6 more expensive $50 premium features

By now you've all heard about the premium features that the LG G6 is expected to show off immediately as soon as you remove the device from its packaging. With its water-resistant chassis coupled with support for wireless charging, plus a premium design that will probably put the G5 to shame, it will obviously force the manufacturer to up its asking price, given what it's going to offer you later this month.

That being said, you might be looking at a $50 premium to get your hands on the latest flagship and we'll be listing down the things here so that you can be sure if the flagship is going to be worth the money or not.

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IP68 Certification, Dual-Camera and 32-Bit Audio DAC All Add to the Premium Pricing of the LG G6

A report out of Korea suggests that the higher expected retail price of the G6 is due to whatever it's going to provide you in return. Come to think of it, Samsung charged its consumers a $100 premium for its Galaxy S7 edge so in that case, a $50 premium should be justified. Then again, what sort of features are going to be incorporated in order for LG to reap the financial benefits of its flagship? Turns out that the report states that the LG G6 will be the first to provide support for both IP68 certification and wireless charging. With this ingress protection, the G6 will join the same ranks as Samsung’s flagships, but you should be informed that water damage is probably not going to be covered under warranty.

In addition, the 32-bit audio DAC will deliver superior sound quality while you’re listening to music through the speakers or with the headphones plugged, suggesting that the G6 is also going to be targeted to audiophiles. There was one other rumor fluttering around that the upcoming handset could be the first from the non-stock Android running phones to feature Google Assistant, and all of that integration is definitely going to cost LG some money, and they intend to make it up by charging you a premium.

Question is, will you pay more to experience these new features on the LG G6? Let us know your thoughts right away.

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