What’s More Important to You on the LG G6: Water Resistance or Removable Battery? [Poll]


By now you’ve all heard about the sacrifice that LG has been reported to make in order for its flagship G6 to come shipped with water resistance as well as support for wireless charging. The smartphone will need to give up its removable battery feature in order to give you two features in return. Whenever you make an investment in a product like this, it is always a ‘give and take’ relationship. By purchasing something you’re always making a trade-off between one feature or the other, but in our opinion, the move was not the best.

LG G6 With a Removable Battery Would Have Maintained the Standard of Flagships Still Shipping Out With This Feature – Would Have Made Replacement Much Simpler

For the longest time, LG’s flagship offerings always came with removable batteries, which made the consumer feel like a real winner as far as convenience goes. The advantage of removing the battery from the housing effortlessly would be a breeze after the capacity would not be able to deliver the advertised battery timings due to degradation. Now, the unless you happen to be dexterous in tearing down the phone and replacing the battery from ‘non-removable battery’ touting handset, you’ll have to take it to a service station and you will never know who’s actually good in doing their job when it comes to replacing that battery.

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You also have to keep in mind that there is a high chance that the LG G6 has a sticky adhesive wrapped around the innards of the smartphone chassis, which will prevent water from seeping in. Attempting to replace the non-removable battery would mean that some of the adhesive is going to be removed during the teardown, which will mean that the G6 isn’t going to be water resistant anymore, so the feature ultimately becomes useless, even though it will take 2-3 years before you actually feel the need to replace that battery. Also keep in mind that while removing the battery, you also run the risk of damaging the ribbon cables and the smartphone display when you are tearing down the phone, so you’re going to have to be extremely skilful to carry out this procedure.

Furthermore, phone manufacturing companies might use impressive techniques to shield the phone from water damage, but that does not mean the device is going to be covered under warranty unless of course, LG is being extremely generous. Even if the smartphone is water resistant, chances are that you would think twice before bringing it near sources of water, since it is always better to be safe than sorry and the water resistance feature might not always end up protecting the phone.

However, we do support the idea of wireless charging. Convenience in a smartphone is always welcome, and getting rid of the removable battery function or the headphone jack isn’t going to be doing the customer any favors. Would you prefer a removable battery feature or water resistance in a smartphone? Let us know your thoughts in the poll below.

What’s More Important to You on the LG G6: Water-Resistance or Removable Battery?