LG G6 Rumored to Get an Early Release to Get Ahead of the Competition


The V20 is far from a bad flagship and is probably the only one in this particular category of smartphones that sports a removal battery. Its successor, the LG G6 is expected to be even better and the manufacturer is aiming to announce it much earlier than expected in order to get a better lead in 2017.

With Samsung Announcing Galaxy S8 in April, LG G6 Could Start Getting Sold as Early as When It Gets Announced

The Galaxy Note 7 battery issues could actually become a blessing in disguise for the LG G6, and with Samsung checking each and every corner to make sure that the S8 has a smooth launch, LG is aiming to get a comprehensive lead against its competitors. To recap, the G5 was announced in February and started getting sold during the month of April. In contrast, the latest report suggests that the G6 could also have an announcement month of February, but the phone might start getting sold from that month alone, or during the first week of March.

However, we’re hoping that the manufacturer doesn’t fall into trouble the same way Samsung did when it was reported that the Korean giant launched the Note 7 in order to get ahead of the iPhone 7 announcement. LG has been reported to get rid of the modularity approach that came with the G5, but by dropping one feature, it is expected that you will get two in return. One previous report suggests that the LG G6 could feature an IP68 water-resistance rating, and could tout support for wireless charging. With LG’s subsidiary having announced the world’s fastest wireless charger, it would be a darn shame if the upcoming flagship didn’t provide support for such a convenient feature.

Unlike the majority of smartphone makers, LG incorporated a Quad DAC chip inside its V20, giving it several advantages in the sound department when you plugged in your earphones, decided to record videos or listen to multimedia using the smartphone’s speakers. Critics spoke in favor of this feature, and we hope that it also makes its way to the G6. Would you make the upcoming flagship a ‘must have’ for your 2017 bucket list? Tell us your thoughts in the comments right away.