LG Innotek Officially Introduces Its 15W Wireless Chargers to Bridge the Gap Between Wired and Wireless Charging


LG Innotek has finally announced a charger that will deliver the same level convenience and at the same time, charge your smartphone at a faster rate. The only question is, how much will it actually cost?

LG Innotek Announcing a 15-Watt Charger Means Your Phone Will Start to Get Wirelessly Charged at Thrice the Charging Rate of Current-Gen Wireless Chargers

Though the wireless charger will not come close to the charging prowess of wall chargers, the latest product from LG Innotek shows that the best gadget from the company is yet to be announced and that the 15W wireless charger is the start of something great. The product has followed the standards set forth by the World Wireless Power Consortium and AirFuel Alliance. Future wireless chargers from the company are going to be compatible with different smartphones that already have a wireless charging module incorporated inside of their housing.

Since LG Innotek is a subsidiary of the Korean tech giant, if LG wants to gain success with its future handset, which could be named the G6, then I feel that the advanced wireless charger should be bundled with the handset. Since consumers want more convenience, LG will definitely make the wireless charger compatible with other devices, since that would be a good move compatibility wise. However, there’s also another reason why high wattage wireless chargers could continue to be introduced in the future. With phones coming without the 3.5mm headphone, it presents a great degree of discomfort when you want to listen to media with your headphones plugged in and charge the device at the same time.

Apple’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are examples of such devices that will present such encumbrance, but when the company’s iPhone 8 is introduced most likely in September 2017, it could also feature a wireless charging circuit in order to upgrade that level of convenience. Do you feel that LG Innotek’s 15W charger is going to present a huge degree of comfort for future smartphone users? Tell us your thoughts right away.