LG G6 Presents Another Teaser – This Time on the Phone’s Dust and Water Repelling Capability


LG has already provided teasers for its G6 before and this would be third on the list signifying the flagship’s amazing capabilities as a premium phone. The company isn’t wasting anytime in telling you guys that its upcoming offering is finally going to be able to stop dust and water in its tracks.

LG G6 Teaser Points Towards the Phone’s IP68 Certification – Stopping Dust and Water in Its Tracks

The teaser given below isn’t a cryptic message as LG is attempting to convey to us that the upcoming flagship is going to be both water and dust-resistant. In short, the G6 is expected to be the first smartphone out of LG’s flagship offerings to feature IP68 protection (via NextPowerUp), but there’s still something that you should know first.

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IP68 certification is given to devices that are able to keep dust as well as water away from the innards for a period of 30 minutes while being submerged at 1.5 feet underwater. Naturally, when torture tests are carried out on the LG G6, critics will definitely want to see the extreme lengths the manufacturer went through in order to block out both dust and water but it is still recommended that you do not take the phone near water, regardless of the protection it features.

In addition to being water and dust-resistance, LG G6 has also been rumored to be the first smartphone out of the entire batch to provide support for wireless charging. We’re not sure if the wireless charger is going to be bundled with the smartphone or not, but if it supports the Qi wireless charging standard, then you can make your life easier by purchasing an aftermarket wireless charger too.

LG G6 could also be the first phone that’s not a Pixel to run Google Assistant although there are rumors pointing out that the smartphone could also be running Amazon Alexa or both virtual assistants right off the bat. 2017 is definitely looking to be a great year for phones and we certainly hope that LG’s efforts are able to pay off after it makes the highly anticipated announcement at the MWC 2017 trade show taking place starting on February 26.