Leaked Windows 10 10163 Release Notes – Changes in Product Key and Bug Fixes


After only a few hours of Microsoft releasing the ISO files of Windows 10 Insider Preview build 10162, there's even more of Windows! The hype around an operating system couldn't have ever been greater and Microsoft and others keep fueling it up as we get closer to the official release date.

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Leaked Windows 10 release note - key changes and bug fixes:

Windows 10 10163 release notes have just been leaked out on the interwebs revealing another hundreds of bug fixes and Product key changes. The leaked Windows 10 10163 release notes show that the current Win8.x product keys would no longer work.

Among the bug fixes that the leaked release notes indicate, there are issues related to app deployment and authentication problems, display and battery fixes among others. You would no longer face the bug that deterred you from logging in using a custom authentication tool after one failed attempt. Along with one battery related fix, there are quite a few for Display and Graphics that earlier prevented users from using different resolutions. The leaked Windows 10 release note also mention blocking of an unnamed "OEM driver" which affected the camera.

Other notable bug fixes in this leaked Windows 10 10163 Insider build include Power management and notifications; another long list of bug fixes is categorized under Upgrade and Recovery. Overall, several changes have been made to make this build more stable, fixing the problems faced during upgrade or system configuration.

However, the leaked release notes also show a lot of new problems that this build brings along with it including network devices not being detected after the update. It is not certain if you will see the Windows 10 1063 making its way to Windows Insiders considering the bugs that this build brings and the fact that the company has already released three PC preview builds this week. In any case, we will keep you folks posted.

- Source: WZor